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We’v been providing our services with pride since 2016.

We employ modern methods, using proven equipment and materials together with well-trained personnel to deliver the utmost in cleaning services. A cleaning job is only as good as the staffs that do the work. All Maclor Cleaning staffs are carefully selected and go through thorough training processes. Most ongoing cleaning projects are conducted by the same teams, as Maclor Cleaning Services has one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry.

We add value to our customers’ lives by making their office and home environment as clinically clean and conducive as possible.

Service is provided seven days a week at hours that correspond with your needs. Our rates are comparable to or lower than those of other companies and we provide on-site supervision of the cleaning staff at no extra charge to you.

With hundreds of clients in Lagos Nigeria, Maclor Cleaning Services Ltd. is among the successful privately owned commercial cleaning company in Nigeria. In every aspect of our business, we strive to earn and keep the trust our clients give us when they choose Maclor Cleaning Services as their cleaning provider.

Our reputation is built on the following guiding principles:

Always deliver the highest standards of cleaning
Attention to detail is critical in commercial cleaning and the Maclor Cleaning team pride themselves on their impeccable cleaning quality which is always delivered on time.

Customer service is our top priority
From initial scoping through to the actual cleaning and post project follow up, Maclor Cleaning's customer service is second to none. Their management teams are active in every project to ensure that clients are satisfied.

While hoping that the above is competitive enough for your consideration, we look forward to receiving your orders. Should you require any further information regarding our services, kindly contact us



Janitorial Cleaning Services / Industrial & General Cleaning

We all know that a tidy, clean office or business environment gives a good impression to clients. Sometimes, employees get too busy to help with emptying trash and tidying up on a regular basis, and it can reflect on the overall image of the company.

Janitorial Services provide regular cleaning maintenance so that your office is always ready to receive the next big visitor.


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Janitorial Cleaning Services / Industrial & General Cleaning in Lagos Nigeria

Post Construction Cleaning

Preparing your new building space or remodeled space with a company who have the experience, tools, processes and knowledge are essential to delivering a clean facility for it's grand opening.

We are experts in detailed Post-Construction and Post-Renovation Cleaning Services in Lagos Nigeria.


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Post Construction Cleaning in Lagos Nigeria

Cleaning of Tiles, Marble and Terrazo

We carry out professional cleaning, polishing and treatment of various types of hard floors including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Parquet Floors
  • Vitrified, and 
  • Terrazo Floors


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Cleaning of Tiles, Marble and Terrazo in Lagos Nigeria

Hotel Cleaning Services

We are Specialists in the upkeep of hotels, apartments, guest houses and industrial units.


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Hotel Cleaning Services in Lagos Nigeria

Odourless Fumigation & Pest Control

Maclor is a professional Pest Control and Fumigation company in Lagos, Nigeria. We have trained fumigators to reach you and offer professional services.

All chemicals used are eco-friendly and approved by NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control). All relevant Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) procedures are strictly adhered to.


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Odourless Fumigation & Pest Control in Lagos Nigeria

Mobile Toilet Services and Refuse Disposal

Mobile Toilets are essential for any large outdoor gathering. Concerts and sporting events can draw tens of thousands of people who will all require access to restrooms. Public restroom facilities are not always available especially in remote areas where some of these events take place.


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Mobile Toilet Services and Refuse Disposal Services in Lagos Nigeria

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